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About The Summit Solar Systems Installation

This is the New base lodge / Family Center built at the summit in the 1980's and now the subject of our Solar project.

So in the mid 1990's the much beloved King Ridge Mountain was subdivided into residential properties. The base lodge above was one of the structures that was left intact, and sold as is as one of the 25 lots on the 900 acre resort.

How Affordable is Solar? More than you would think and Hydronic Solar has the best ROI of all
When we purchased this piece of property in 1999 we knew immediately that this Lodge could not be sustained and heated using conventional fuels, so we immediately started our research on how we were going to support our heating and hot water needs, and also how we were going to harness the Solar energy to support a 7,200 sf home.

After searching to find the right solar company that could design, support, and supply the products necessary to build a project of this size, but also have the best solutions and methods to store the solar energy captured from the Sun for the longest duration. We found Radiantec!

Radiantec, located in Lyndonville Vermont has the most logical approach to harnessing the suns energy, at an affordable price.
Hydronic Solar versus Photovoltiac Solar. the answer might surprise you
After visiting the folks at Radiantec with our architectural drawings of the lodge in hand, I came away with a 28 solar panel system design, with Earth box technology, and 320 gallons of solar hot water storage. To date the largest residential solar system in North America!

I will get into earth box technology and the engineering a little later on in the article. At this point we knew we were working with a very large Commercial structure. The structure was designed as an "Adirondack building" with out-riggers, and solid cedar beams. We had good bones with this building and knew we could make something special out of it.

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