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My Energy Costs with Solar. Yearly Solar Savings

Let me get right to it. Make this short and sweet. It basically costs me ~$500 to $700 a year for Heat and Hot water. Now lets give that figure a little perspective. This is the Northeast. In the Northeast the winter heating & hot water costs get pretty harsh. A typical cape style home (~1500Sq. Ft.) will probably spend upwards of $2k to heat their home during the winter and make hot water all year long.

Now let me say that again in a different way. I am heating in the winters and making hot water year round in a 7200 Sq. Ft. mountaintop home, made from a converted summit lodge for about $600 a year.

You could imagine what the cost of heating solely with a furnace would be when compared to a small cape house. This is key to understanding the return on Hydronic Solar Installations regardless the size of the home. I have a house that is very much on the large end of the spectrum but my costs WERE astronomical. Your costs might not be so astronomical but neither will be the size of your solar installation so your ROI will still be as fast as mine.

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This is the humble beginnings of our 7200 SqFt home. The summit lodge building of the old King Ridge Ski Area. A pretty hard building to heat to say the least.

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